The Altitude Membership

An Altitude Membership provides you with a flexible way to get your work done. Whether you’ll be in and out most of the day, need to host formal or informal meetings or want to participate in networking events, the Altitude Membership provides access to convenience, amenity and community without a lock-in contract.

An Altitude Membership is a transient hot desking member who can use any work point in the common areas but does not have a permanent desk. Set up and work for a day in a space or way that works for you and the type of work you have planned.

Ultimate Flexibility

Whether you want to access the space during the business week full-time or part time, the Altitude Membership allows you use the space 5 days a week or 3 days a week on a month to month membership with ultimate flexibility.

Our team is on hand to support your business efficiently, from handling your mail to greeting your guests.

Contact Altitude Cowork 

Contact us today, and bring flexibility into your working day. We offer hot desk spaces in  Melbourne, so that you have a flexible way of getting your work done.